YDNY A distinctively innovative enterprise whose mission is to develop creative solutions for commercial spaces, restaurants, corporate offices and residential projects.

YDNY is an award winning international architectural firm with a talent for combining Japanese and Western culture into a uniquely distinct aesthetic. It is a design style that harmonizes nature, form and function into elegant simplicity.

YDNY is a team of architects with technical and project management personal from diverse cultures who provide seamless project administration services as well as other creative/design facets including graphics and communications and visual merchandis-ing concepts. Over the years our portfolio has included both small and largescale international projects. To that end our approach has always been of a more far reaching perspective thus always to collaborate with some of the worlds leading entrepreneurs, retailers innovators and hotel groups.


Yoshi Shiraishi


Graduated and received a degree in Architecture from Musashino Art University in 1982, and worked as Project Designer at Nomura Co., Ltd. In 1987, he joined Walker Group/CNI, a top design firm in the United States, where he was the first Asian to be promoted to Vice President.

Shiraishi established “Yoshi Design New York LLC” in 1996, with the design philosophy of combining the beauty and modern essence of New York with the wisdom of Japan. It is a design style that harmonizes nature (“WA”), form, and function into elegant simplicity to appeal to the global market. He has been introduced to NHK National Broadcasting’s “Cool Japan” and Fuji TV’s “City Wiz” as the innovative designer in New York, and has been featured in many magazines and newspapers, including “The New York Times.”